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I’m beginning to feel that what people say is true; as I have been getting older, the years seem to be going faster and faster. This time last year, I was on my family holiday in Tasmania and it really feels like no time has passed at all. This time last year, I would have been looking back over 2015, writing up a similar post to this.

As the title of this post suggests, the point is to be looking back over the last year – the triumphs and the defeats, the joy and the pain. But not only to be looking back, but to be looking forward to the year to come in 2017. 

2016 has been met with a lot of work and has been my second anniversary at Ecosafe. Its been a year and a half since Nepal and a year of new tertiary studies at bible college, working towards a masters degree. Were I to suggest a reason for the year disappearing out from under me, the extent of work and study provide ample explanation. 

I think the most exciting thing has been the new studies. I am amazed at what I have learnt about the Old Testament, about mission and about theology. But I think the most amazing thing of all is how much I have learnt about myself. That I really don’t know it all after all – and my theology isn’t as solid as I had thought it was. God has been in the process of pulling apart my theology and slowly piecing it back together again bit by bit. What a journey it has been and will continue to be in the years to come.

As I look back on my time over the last year (and the last couple), I am amazed at the things God has done. Through mission, through ministry, through work and through study. Going into 2017 is an exciting time. I get to continue with my masters and get to do more units on mission and on christian ethics. And most exciting of all, I am looking at heading to Cambodia for 6 months with a missions organisation. 

As another year clocks over and the next begins I’m excited to see what God does in the ministries we are involved in, the places we get to go and the things we get to see. There are many seriously exciting things in store for 2017. Looking forward to the journey – see you all in the new year!


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